Mothering Sunday at the Fox Inn, Ansty – Make a fuss of mum…

Mothers, eh!  Where would we be without them?  Actually, don’t answer that!

Sometimes you wonder if they are ever going to let you grow up and make your own way in the world; desist from straightening your tie or interfering in the kitchen. But you know it’s only because they love you and want what is best for you.

In fact, inside most mothers is a burning pride in their offspring that means they would go to extraordinary lengths (and I mean extra ordinary!) to do anything to help them. Or to comfort them in times of need.

And we know that mothers come in various guises; there’s the biological sort of course, but so many of us love our stepmums, aunts and grandmothers just as much, with a few of us lucky enough to have two mums! Let’s just call them all Supermums.

They are simply irreplaceable and so every year we celebrate them with their own special day and this year it is relatively early – Sunday, 26th March.

Sunday, 26th March . . . got that?

Why not enter our competition to WIN a Sunday Carvery for 4 to treat mum!

Here at The Fox though, we can make it easy for you to remember by laying on a scrumptious Mothers Day Carvery lunch.  I mean sure, you can buy a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, and I’m sure you will, but what could be better than treating your lovely Mum to a slap-up lunch in the beautiful heart of Dorset?

After all, it also means they get the most precious thing to them – your time.  Oh, and you get the slap-up too!

So it’s quite simple – we will be providing Sunday Carvery Lunch, starting 12 to 3pm, but you must book ahead (01258 880328) because we are anticipating a brisk takeup – after all, there are quite a few mothers about!

So this Mothers Day treat your Supermum to a day in the countryside with a lovely lunch and let her know how special she is. See you there.